Stone SSSI

Bucks County Council administration area: Aylesbury Vale District Council, Buckinghamshire County Council.

Grid reference: SP 778 126

Area of site: 0.12 ha; 0.3 acres

Access, location and parking: (not visited)

Site description: small pit, not currently exposed.

Geological interpretation: The site contains undated sands of the Wealden deposits which were deposited in a westerly flowing channel. The sands comprise cross-bedded quartz sands, with pebbles, with at least one bed of silty clay with ironstone nodules. The sand is of northern origin as shown by the inclusion of feldspar, tourmaline, kyanite, staurolite and garnet within its mineralogy. This is potentially recycled from a Portland Beds source, as the pebbles are quartz and Carboniferous chert. There is abundant plant debris, much of which is charcoal. As this is the most north-easterly outcrop of the Wealden facies, this site is important for its bearing on Purbeck-Wealden palaeogeography as well as climate and palaeoenvironments.

Current and potential educational  use (geology, ecology, archaeology, industrial archaeology): None

Conservation interest: To maintain the integrity of the potential geological resource.

Threats to site (present and future): None envisaged.

Constraints (basic risk assessment): (not assessed)

Development potential: No potential for public visits.

Reference list/bibliography:

Recommendations: File information, BEHG could become involved by invitation to record and re-interpret.