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Burnham Beeches

Grid reference: SU 953 850 for Burnham Beeches main car park.

Ordnance Survey map: Windsor and Reading sheet 175.

Geological maps: 1:50,000 series Beaconsfield sheet 255.

Bucks County Council administration area: South Bucks.

Owned by: City of London.

Area of site: ha.

Access, location and parking: From A355 take Beeches Way towards entrance to Burnham Beeches Nature Reserve. Parking available with small fee. Permission is required to enter the small quarry.

Interest Summary: The geology of the site consists of several Quaternary gravel terraces, which over lie Reading Formation clays. The site is cut by two small stream valleys. The streams disappear into sink holes where Chalk comes close to the valley floors. Streambanks, old clay pits and a small working gravel quarry provide glimpses into the bedrock.

Winter Hill gravel at the old quarry, Burnham Beeches

The Burnham Beeches Geology trail was devised in 2011 in conjunction with City of London. It is a 3km route that takes about 1.5 hours to complete and looks at the various geological features that can be found

Burnham Beeches Geology trailBurnham Beeches Geology trail( PDF 1380KB)

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