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Please ask us if you want any advice on what to do with a school or adult group visit to one of our Local Geology Sites.
Many of our sites make an interesting self-led visit, the choice depending on age and experience.
School visits to Coombs Quarry and to Whiteleaf Nature Reserve are good for a multi-disciplinary approach.

Sites suitable for visits by individuals or groups are shown in the following list.

  • Bradenham
  • Brill
  • Buckingham Sand Pit
  • College Lake
  • Coombs Quarry
  • Northmoor Hill
  • Olney
  • Ridgeway/the Kimbles
  • West Wycombe
Visit the menu ‘Geological sites to visit’ in the selection bar above to find more information.

Photographs of educational activities.

Hover cursor over photograph for label.
Art class based on rock layers and ammonites. Led field trip across Ivinghoe Beacon to Incombe Hole.
School children in Buckingham Sand Pit. adult students and conservation team about to work on Buckingham sand pit.
conservation work party Bugle pit. Walk led by Jill up and over Ivinghoe Beacon.

Geological map of Buckinghamshire to download and colour:

  Bucks Geological Map to colour

Information - Education

Books with information and illustrations of the area including many of the LGS sites suitable for public visits are:

Eyers, J. 2021. Chiltern Trails and Tales – exploring the many gems of the Chiltern Hills. ISBN978-1-904898-22-1

Eyers, J. 2021. All about fossils. ISBN 978-1-904898-26-9

Eyers, J. 2002. Rocks Afoot: Geology of North Bucks. Rocks Afoot Series. ISBN 978-1-904898-03-0.

Eyers, J. 2002. Rocks Afoot: Fossils and where to find them. Rocks Afoot Series. 2nd ed. 52pp. ISBN 978-1-904898-04-7.

Eyers, J. 1998. Rocks Afoot: Geology of South Bucks. Rocks Afoot Series.56pp. ISBN 978-1-904898-00-9.

Also of interest for geological visit to Norfolk is:

Eyers, J. 2021. Geology of the Norfolk coast – Hunstanton to Happisburgh. ISBN 978-1-904898-23-8

These and other books (and others) may be ordered through the author’s website:

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