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There is an education pack available with ideas on sites to visit in addition to classroom and field activities. Some of this pack is provided here for download (see below).

The material is free of copyright for school or other educational (non-profit making) use. We just ask for acknowledgement as to the source. For others, copyright permission can be obtained for a small donation to the group via Mike Palmer (see under Contact Us). Answers and suggestions of the required fossils or other handy hints for lessons can be obtained from us.

Photographs of educational activities.

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Art class based on rock layers and ammonites. Led field trip across Ivinghoe Beacon to Incombe Hole.

Example materials for download:

  Bucks Geological Map to colour   Worksheet for Whiteleaf   Worksheet for Cretaceous   Worksheet for fossils   Whiteleaf information

Please ask for any items you would like to use from:

1. General

  • Geology of Bucks overview sheet
  • Geological timescale
  • Geological map of Bucks to colour
  • Geological cross section Whiteleaf Hill
  • Fossils and ancient environments
  • Life in the Cretaceous (student & teacher's notes)
  • Ammonite mural workshop + 3 templates
  • Fossil ID sheet (a key for 8 invertebrate groups)
  • Fossil activities

2. Site Information

  • List of sites to visit
  • Bradenham
  • Brill
  • Buckingham Sand Pit
  • College Lake
  • Coombs Quarry
  • Northmoor Hill
  • Olney
  • Ridgeway/the Kimbles
  • West Wycombe

3. Whiteleaf Nature Reserve pack

  • Whiteleaf Information sheet
  • Geological cross-section to colour
  • Whiteleaf-Cadesden Hill sketch
  • Whiteleaf work areas sketch
  • Whiteleaf skyline activity
  • School worksheets & teacher's notes containing: 1. Landscape and soils; 2. The Long Barrow; 3. The Quarry section; 4. Fossil Quiz; 5. How long ago?; 6. Describing rocks; 7. What rocks are full of holes?; 8. What rock is the oldest?; 9. Make your own rocks; 10. How to make soil.

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